Trees of the Book by Kimberley Payne

540960_492598240776469_642487069_nDid you know that trees are traditionally “symbols of success,” that the prophet, Elijah, hid under a broom tree, or that a mustard tree is fully grown in approximately 40 days?

Canadian author, Kimberley Payne, in her outstanding 14 page activity book, Trees of the Book, allows seven trees of the Bible to tell their personal  stories.

“Hi, I’m a oak tree,” the first tree explains. The oak, cedar, broom, mustard, fig, sycamore and palm  trees describe their settings and significance in well known Biblical narratives. Included in each short chapter are also “Fast Facts,” “Think About” questions,  references to additional Bible verses and fun and informative activities.

After the trees have their say, Kimberley Payne helpfully provides project ideas and activity solutions,  plus a glossary and “People of the Bible” section to define bold type,  highlighted words.

The text is well supported by the beautiful art work of illustrator, Esther Haug. She uses bright  colours and extremely clear details to educate and entertain.

Trees of the Book, written for 7 to 9 year olds, is an excellent resource for home, school or church use. A Sunday School or Vacation Bible School could successfully plan a unit around the trees, their stories and the suggested activities. Trees are universal in their appeal and this is a book to be enjoyed  by children, parents and educators.

Kimberley Payne is a well known author of family, devotional and fitness books, including the award winning devotional, Where Fitness Meets Faith.

Trees of the  Book is available at Amazon/Chapters/Barnes and Noble.

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