Tadeo Turtle by Janis Cox

51nYhveE+AL._SL500_AA300_Tadeo is a happy and contented turtle, pleased with how God has created him, until he observes the activities of Sammy Squirrel. Suddenly, Tadeo views his most unique feature, his shell or carapace, as a burden. He wants to be like Sammy and his shell is definitely in the way!

Canadian author and illustrator, Janis Cox, in her breathtaking  picture book, Tadeo Turtle, weaves a classic tale of adventure and self discovery. The simple plot line is high paced and the water colour illustrations enchantingly beautiful. The names of the major characters are  in  bold type, making it easy for young children to identify them.

Tadeo Turtle is designed for home schooling, Sunday School, Christian schools and individual use. Janis Cox is a retired elementary school teacher and teaches, as well as entertains. In addition to the story, she provides an activity section which contains craft ideas and research facts and links. A detailed curriculum is also available on Janis’s website: www.janiscox.com.

Tadeo’s name is acquired from the name, Thaddeus, which means “heart” or “praise.”  After a close encounter with a cat, Tadeo undergoes a heart and attitude adjustment, and is thankful to God for creating him exactly as he is. Both children and adults can relate to the timeless messages of gratitude and self acceptance.

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