Today, as I walked outside into the bright sunshine glinting off the snow, a bird landed in the tree in our yard. I wondered if it could be a robin.The bird turned enough that I could see its red breast. “I just saw my first robin!” I exclaimed excitedly to the mail lady, who was just walking up the steps of our porch. She was pleased too. In this land of snow and ice, the sight of a robin warmed our hearts.

The locals say this has been the worst winter Nova Scotia has experienced in many years. Even White Juan, in 2004, did not fill our streets and sidewalks with so much snow. It is almost Easter and gritty snow banks are piled high. Sometimes, it seems impossible to believe that the snow will ever disappear and spring take over its destined place.

Yet the little robin gives me hope. The sun is also a little warmer and there are daffodil shoots in my garden,in a small space where the snow has melted. The towering snow banks will disappear and once more the season of growth will arrive.

When Jesus died on the cross, it must have appeared to his disciples that all their hopes had died with him. Although he had told them he would rise again, they didn’t appear to understand what he meant. We can only imagine the despair and darkness that must have filled their hearts during the terrible hours following the crucifixion.

However, death had no hold on Jesus. The resurrection occurred, at this specific and appointed time in history, and the chains of sin, fear and hopelessness fell off the human race. The disciples were overjoyed and spread the good news. People continue today to experience peace and joy, as they make the decision to accept God’s free gift of grace.

Spring will come to Nova Scotia and new life will be given to all who ask.

Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday!

7 thoughts on “Resurrection

  1. We know spring will come again, although this year we seem to need to see signs like the first robin to “prove” it to ourselves. This waiting in hope for what we haven’t seen reminds me to believe Jesus is with me even if I don’t see a sign of it. A blessed Easter to you and your family, Ruth Ann!

  2. Thanks, Janet! That is what I was thinking too. The robin gave me hope that spring would arrive but sometimes we just have to hold on in the dark times and trust that God will bring us through them, even if we don’t see any signs. A very blessed Easter to you and your family also, Janet!!

  3. I just sent an Easter poem to you by e-mail. Too long to post here!
    Thanks for the thoughts about this very special day.

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